Hello, I’m Andrew.
Software Engineer & Startup Enthusiast

I am developing Android apps at Cartrack Singapore. I create some open source Kotlin projects on Github. I'm super interested in startup culture and entrepreneurship. Currently hacking getaway.id. Poke me if you have interesting project or idea.

Who am I?

Started learning software engineering since 4 years ago as Front-end Engineer. PHP, HTML and ES5 were the first languages i learned profesionally because we used Laravel as framework. At that time, i also started to build getaway.id on my free time just for learning purpose because my curiousity on React and Ruby on Rails.

After a year, i moved to Android with zero knowledge, it wasn't because i was a pro but there were no mobile engineers left on the team but the show must go on. Luckily i'm survived until today and Kotlin is becoming my most used language until now.

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Oct 2019 - Present
Android Engineer
Dec 2016 - Oct 2019
Android Engineer
Jan 2015 - Dec 2016
Business Development Manager
Hologram Indonesia


Over 4+ years of experience working with companies from business to engineering.



The reason i started Fritalk is to learn from others and improve my communication skills.


My Apps

Getaway.id - Itinerary Planner

We understand that using spreadsheets to plan trips is sometimes quite tiring. You have to find or create a template to make it looks better.
Let's give getaway.id a shot!

Getaway.id - Itinerary Planner